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2016-17 Grand lodge officers

Left to Right: Grand Treasurer, William E. Bernard, Grand Junior Warden, Bobby Whitfield, Deputy Grand Master, Eric Keyes, Most Worshipful Grand Master, Barry Hunter, Senior Grand Warden, Tony Dandridge, Grand Secretary, Edward Thompson

History of M∴ W∴ Hiram Grand Lodge

On August 20th, 1908 the M∴ W∴ Hiram Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted Masons was organized in a place called Abbot Hall in the City of Buffalo in the State of New York...

M∴ W∴ Past Grand Masters

Centuries of tradition, knowledge, leadership and brotherly love handed and passed down over the years...


To become a member of one of the oldest ancient and honorable Fraternity in the world a man must apply of his own free will and accord...

grand lodge officers

M∴ W∴ Barry Hunter 33°

Grand Master of Masons

Elected Grandmaster of the Most Worshipful Hiram Grand Lodge in June of 2016.

Serve as Worshipful Master of Light Lodge #25 for five years and now a current member of Utopia Lodge # 27. Also served as Ways and Means Chairman.

He received his Inspector General Degree 2010, and been a member of this organization for 24 years.

R∴ W∴Eric Keyes 33°

Deputy Grand Master

During my tenure at this Most Worshipful Hiram Grand Lodge, it has been my pleasure to serve as; Junior Warden, Worshipful Master, Associate Patron, Chairperson of Education and Scholarship Committee, Facilitator for School of Instruction, Assistant Grand Lecturer, Grand Lecturer, Grand Junior Warden and Deputy Grand Master.


R∴ W∴Tony Dandridge 33°

Grand Senior Warden

He is a 25 year member of St. Marks #83. He has serve as a Grand Lodge Officer for the past two administration's and is currently serving as the Grand Senior Warden. Recently retired from the New York City Transit Authority where he enjoyed multiple career-oriented responsibilities, first as a conductor, then Pension Consultant for over 50,000 NYCTA workers, and finally Associate Transit Management Analyst, culminating 31 years of dedicated service. Currently engaged in multiple community service initiatives, including President of Community Education Council District 18, President of Transit Alumni Association of New York, Past President of the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, and Chief Executive Officer of Prime Time Sports And Arts Inc. Giving back to the community is the life blood of community service.


R∴ W∴ Bobby Whitfield 33°

Grand Junior Warden

He is a long standing 40 year member of M.W. Hiram Grand Lodge in New York, New York. He is a Past Master of Mt. Moriah Lodge # 26. In 2014 Brother Whitfield was elected to the office of Grand Junior Warden where he continues to serve. Responsibilities include, Chairperson of The Thanksgiving Feed the Hungry Committee, Chairperson of the Charity Committee and Co-Chair of the Scholarship and Charity Committee. He also serves as the District Deputy Grand Master Coordinator , Chairperson of the Grand Royal Arch Archives Committee and he facilitates Open House to encourage and inform potential members.

Brother Whitfield is a Office Service Manager at a Midtown Law Firm since 1979. He is member of Trinity Baptist Church in the Bronx, where he serves on the male chorus, van ministry, the brotherhood ministry and chairperson of the culinary ministry.

R∴ W∴ William E. Bernard  33°

Grand Treasurer

He has serve as the Grand Treasurer for Hiram Grand Lodge for over 11 years. He is also a Past Master of Utopia Lodge #27.

He’s the Grand Treasurer of Supreme General Grand Chapter RAM. Right Excellent Grand Scribe for the New York State Royal Arch Grand Chapter for four years. Past High Priest Joppa Chapter #1 for seven years and severed 6 years as the Chairman of Hiram Grand Lodge Finance Committee.

He lives in Brooklyn New York.



R∴ W∴ Edward Thompson 33°

Grand Secretary

He has serve as Grand Secretary for Hiram Grand Lodge for 3 years. He is a Past Master of Mt. Moriah Lodge #18; past member of the Finance Committee. 

He’s also a member of the New York State Grand Royal Arch Chapter serving as the Right Excellent Grand Captain of the Host.  Past Captain of the Host – Joppa Chapter #1 Royal Arch Masons.  Recorder Aaron Commandery #1 Knights Templar and Treasurer of Broken Triangle #3 Council of Cryptic Masons.



Subordinate blue lodges by district

Subordinate Blue Lodges are under the supervision of District Deputies appointed by the M∴ W∴ Grand Master

District Deputy R∴ W∴ Nathaniel Scarborough - District 1

Keystone Lodge #1

Mt. Moriah #26

Sons of Bethlehem #28

Mt. Moriah Lodge #18

Triangle Lodge #14

District Deputy R∴ W∴ Dexter Freeman - District 2

Matthias Lodge #91

Mt. Zion Lodge #1

Solomon Lodge #97

Wisdom Lodge #57





District Deputy R∴ W∴ Oakley Beamon - District 3

Criterion Lodge #14

Faith Lodge #31

Light Lodge #25

Lebanon #50





District Deputy R∴ W∴ Linwood Rice - District 4

Utopia # 27

St. John #47

Mystic Star #62

St. Marks #83

Umoja #93


District Deputy R∴ W∴ Ricardo Towns - District 5

Fidelity Lodge #32

Keystone Lodge #8

Sons of Golgotha Lodge #100

Mt. Sinai Lodge #26



District Deputy R∴ W∴ Leroy Spencer - District Non-NYC

Genesis Lodge #89







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