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Mission Statement

The mission of the Young Hiram Cadet's Program is to help young males develop values and acquire competencies to better equip them to become more responsible citizens and capable leaders; while simultaneously anchoring these truths to the Masonic principles of Relief, Truth & Brotherly love.



Young Hiram Cadet Corp.– exemplary in preparing young males to become agents of change in their communities & Lodges; guided by a strict code of Masonic values, traditions & laws.

The Hiram Cadet's Program will operate on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays during the months of September to June.

Hours: 1:00pm- 3:00pm
Location: TBA

[Session #1] 1:00pm – 2:00pm Youth would be engaged in various activities:
• Rap group discussions
• Literacy enrichment activities
• Masonic Ritual Work - Hiram Cadets

[Session #2] 2:00pm – 3:00pm Youth would be engaged in various activities:

• Physical Fitness Activities
• Martial Arts Instruction
• Cardio - Vascular Fitness Regimens


**A special July and August 2017 Session(s) will be ongoing to support our first Summer back in operation**

Time: 1:00pm- 3:00pm



When a child arrives for the Young Hiram Cadets, he must sign in upon entering the building by a parent or authorized adult. At the end of the day, a parent or other authorized adult MUST enter the building and sign the child out. Please check for information updates or changes each day posted by the sign out sheet.


Only persons authorized in writing (On Registration Form) by the parents may pick up a child. The Cadet Instructional Team will question those who are unfamiliar and check their authorization and ID. Anyone without proper authorization and photo ID will not be permitted to leave with the child.


If late pickups are frequent, services will be terminated. If a child remains in our care longer than a half hour after closing time and we have not heard from parent, the Instructional Team member will be instructed to do everything possible to try to contact a parent or a person on the emergency list by phone.

Children at the child care site for longer than one hour will be turned over to local authorities.


Registration Fees - MWHGL is asking for Parent/Guardians to pay $50/month - $25 per session. These fees will offset costs for Uniforms, trips/excursions, snacks and etc.


Young Hiram Cadet Instructional Staff seek to engage a healthy dialogue with Cadets that facilitates the development of self-control in a Cadet by using positive guidance techniques; such as modeling and encouraging expected behavior, redirecting children to a more acceptable activity, and setting clear limits. Occasionally, staff may use positive incentive programs to assist in the development of desired behavior.

FIRST DISCIPLINE Disciplinary Report: Parents will be notified and a plan of action will be agreed upon by the parent and staff.

SECOND DISCIPLINE Disciplinary Report: Parents will be notified and a plan of action will be agreed upon by the staff and parent. The MWHGL reserves the right to suspend the child for an un-limited amount of time.

THIRD DISCIPLINE Disciplinary Report: Parents will be notified and the MWHGL reserves the right to remove the child from the program permanently.

Suspension from the YHC will be an automatic consequence for behavior such as fist fighting, physical/verbal coercion and destruction of property. Parents will be notified that day about the incident at the site, supervisor and/or director will meet with the parent(s) to discuss date(s) of suspension.

The MWHGL reserves the right to dismiss a child from the program, not necessarily in the above order, but depending on the severity of the action.


In the event of inclement weather, the MWHGL will make every effort to continue services at anyone of our buildings. However, in certain conditions when safety becomes an issue, building closures and program cancellations may be necessitated. Information regarding cancellations and closures will be facilitated by phone calls to houses, by way of a Cadet Instructional Team member.


Due to the active nature of our program, we are unable to care for ill children. This includes children who have a fever, vomiting, a contagious illness, or diarrhea. Children showing symptoms of any of the aforementioned illnesses during the course of the day, will be kept quiet and comfortable and the parent will be notified to pick up the child as soon as possible. Team Members will request a doctor's excuse for the child's return to the program after a contagious illness. Medication will not be administered by Cadet Instructional Team Members.

Please note: Team Members are not permitted, under any circumstances, to provide individual transportation for any child or to bring or take a child home.

Special Note: It is required that we have a telephone number on file where parents can be reached during the day, and an emergency number of an alternate person who can be reached if a parent is unavailable. (We emphasis the importance of keeping the records up to date, especially telephone numbers.) When minor injuries occur, the staff will administer first aid. If the injury requires outside medical attention, the child will be escorted by a staff and taken to the Emergency Room by ambulance (staff may drive personal vehicle and follow the Ambulance to the closest Hospital. The parent will be called and can meet the child at the Emergency Room. If possible, we will wait at the child's program for the parent. An incident report will be filled out on all injuries, minor or major.


In an emergency, the director, site director or supervisor may take appropriate action as deemed necessary to ensure your child's safety, health and well-being. Our emergency plan provides for response to all types of emergencies.

Depending on the circumstance of the emergency, the following actions will be taken:

*Immediate evacuation Children are evacuated to a safe area on the grounds of the facility in the event of fire, etc.

*In place sheltering are sudden occurrences, weather or hazardous materials related, which dictate taking cover inside the building as the best immediate response.

*Evacuation Total evacuation of the facility may become necessary if there is a danger in the area. In this case the children will be relocated to another area.


Young Hiram Cadets are responsible for their own belongings including clothing, toys, and other personal items. The MWHGL/United Grand Chapter is not responsible for any/all items lost, broken or misplaced. We discourage children from bringing their own toys or money. (No electronics of any kind which includes cell phones, any electronics brought will be confiscated and kept in the office until dismissal time) Please make sure that anything that is brought to camp is labeled with your child's name.


1. Informal Attire - Cadets will be issued a BDU/Military (all purpose) pants with Young Hiram Cadet t-shirt. This outfit will be Free of charge to the Cadet.

2. Formal Attire — Ritual work — Cadets will be asked to wear Blue Suit, White Shirt and Blue Bow tie. This outfit needs to be provided by Parent/Guardian.

3. A Special Color Guard Formal attire that includes formal military-style dress pants with coordinating button down shirt with matching Beret; will be given to some Cadets during certain ceremonial events. The MWHGL will be providing this outfit to certain young members who participate in the Color Guard.

Parents will be called to bring their children proper attire if any non-commissioned attire is worn by the Cadets. Dress your child for the weather, jackets/sweat shirts may be necessary for cool mornings.


Cadets should bring a lunch, two snacks, and several drinks during the program. We recommend small cooler type lunch boxes clearly marked with the camper's name. Non-perishable items are recommended. Please pack your child's lunch with foods that will give them the proper nutrients for the day. Cadets are also to bring individual water bottles with them. Please discuss with your child the importance of keeping well hydrated.


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For more information about the Hiram Grand Lodge Young Hiram Cadet's Program, please contact:

W∴M∴ Klein Dolcine, Director




Your donation to the Grand Lodge Non-profit Fund will provide assistance to the young men and women in our communites throughout the New York City area. Please click on the button below. You may make a donation with most major credit cards. Your donation is tax deductible.

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Cadet's Registration Form Receipt of Parent Hand Book



Parent's Acknowledgment of Receipt of the Parent Handbook


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